Maintenance Contracts

To improve our service to our customers, Network-IT has implemented maintenance contracts. This will involve a more proactive network solution helping to resolve minor issues before they become major problems.

This IT maintenance contract will provide the following benefits to your network. These checks will be carried out monthly.

  • Check server backups – check all backup logs and the capacity of tape drives and internal backup disks.
  • Check server event logs – check internal system logs generated by the server to highlight any potential server problems.
  • Install server updates – install the latest security patches and reboot server when necessary.
  • This will be carried out after business hours to reduce network downtime.
  • Disk Capacity – Report on disk space used/free space and provide trends of data usage.
  • Server Defrag – perform defragmentation of data on servers to provide better performance.
  • Check antivirus software – check antivirus software is up to date and all workstations are receiving updates.
  • Mailbox usage – provide a list of users mailboxes to highlight excessive usage.

A report of these checks will then be emailed through to you each month for a small monthly charge.

As well as this service the maintenance contract will also entitle you to the following benefits:

  • Discounted hourly rate for maintenance customers ONLY. This includes all onsite and remote support charges.
  • Backup monitoring – configure your backup system to email failed backup reports to Network-IT to monitor.